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Vow! Diese Versprechen, Gesichter und Geschichten stecken hinter BE THE CHANGE
Inside BE THE CHANGE Our packaging partner Voegeli AG has portrayed sustainable Swiss companies in its latest magazine “VOW” that are breaking new ground and providing solutions for our environment – ​​also BE THE CHANGE. In addition, the founding duo Sven Altorfer and Barbara Stolba chat from the inside out in an interview and provide detailed and personal insights.
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Sven Altorfer und Barbara Stolba, Gründer-Duo von Swiss Health & Nutrition AG und BE THE CHANGE.
INSIDE BE THE CHANGE The milk from mammals shortly after birth, the so-called first milk, also called colostrum, is rich in valuable substances that build and strengthen the infant's immune system. Substances that are also incredibly good for the immune system of adults. Barbara Stolba and Sven Altorfer from Swiss Health & Nutrition take advantage of exactly this with their colostrum products.
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