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Swiss made🇨🇭

Powerful support for the immune system and vitality.

• Colostrum from our own production
• At least 60% antibodies (IgG)
• 100% natural Swiss origin
• From milk surpluses
• Cold sterile and ultrafiltered
• Without artificial additives & preservatives
• Vegetarian

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Swiss Immune® Colostrum capsules effectively and naturally build and strengthen the immune system. Colostrum / Colostrum is rich in antibodies* and supplemented with calcium. It contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and muscle function and offers the organism a sustainable choice for the normal functioning of digestive enzymes.

Best before: 06/2025

Pharmacode: 1117730

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Starter pack for 2 months = 2 x (43.2g = 30 portions of 2 x 2 capsules)
Monthly pack in a Miron glass = 1 x (43.2g = 30 portions of 2 x 2 capsules)
Monthly pack in a refill bag = 1 x (43.2g = 30 portions of 2 x 2 capsules)

Swiss Immune® products from BE THE CHANGE are an immunoglobulin (antibody) concentrate made from cow colostrum that is cold and sterile filtered according to pharmaceutical standards. They are the first 100% cold processed Swiss colostrum preparations. With the particularly gentle technology, the colostrum is cleaned below 40° degrees and the bioactive ingredients are retained.

Colostrum capsules are supplemented with high-quality Swiss calcium.

We guarantee a minimum content of 60% immunoglobulins (IgG) in the colostrum portion of this product. The current batch number SWC-86343-2021-1-9 contains 79.5%.

The nutrients and enzymes contained are protected from stomach acid by the acid-resistant capsules so that the ingredients can be fully absorbed into the body.

Why is Swiss Immune® Colostrum good?

What is the immune system? Our immune system is our body's defense system. It fights harmful pathogens and cells so that we don't get sick and stay healthy.

What are immunoglobulins? Immunoglobulins is the technical term for the so-called “antibodies” in our body. Antibodies are an indispensable and essential part of our specific immune system.

What is colostrum? The term colostrum refers to the unique first milk or whey. It is the first strengthening food of every mammal to make the living being resistant and able to survive. If the colostrum comes from a cow, it is also known in agriculture as colostrum.

Do you have any more questions? You can find the FAQs here or contact us via the chat (speech bubble on the right) on this website.

Recommended consumption

Take 2 capsules whole with liquid twice a day.

IMPORTANT: Do not take with hot drinks or alcohol. The sensitive ingredients can be denatured by heat and alcohol.

Recommendation: Take daily for two months to regenerate the intestines. The need for continued intake depends on the individual intestinal condition.

Store out of the reach of small children in a cool, dry place and protected from light. The stated recommended daily consumption recommendation must not be exceeded. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle.


Defatted, decaseinized Swiss cow colostrum (containing colostrum)*, calcium carbonate, capsule material (hydromellose, gellan).

*microfiltered with at least 60% IgG.

Nutritional values ​​for 4 capsules
Nutritional values ​​for 2 servings / 1 day (1.14g)

Energy kJ (kcal)

16.5 (3.9)


935 mg


of which sugar

33 mg



hereof: saturated fatty acids

≤ 0.5mg

≤ 0.5mg


147 mg (18% NRV)


3.2 mg

NRV (Nutritional Reference Values): % of the nutrient reference values ​​of the recommended reference intake for adults for daily intake

Miron glass

The dark purple Miron glass (biophotonic glass) optimally protects the contents from denaturing light and environmental influences.

Refill pack

We deliver the refill pack to you in a resealable and home-compostable bag, an innovation from BE THE CHANGE. After use, you can return them to the natural cycle in the home compost or green bin.


Food for life.

We are constantly driving change in our products by making them healthier, tastier and more sustainable using the latest technology.

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Our products are lovingly packaged by hand with great care after production in our studio.


Sustainable quality.

For us, quality is beauty, even with our sustainable packaging.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Michael Saxer
The best colostrum in Switzerland

Great product, best quality and fair prices. Thanks Sven :-)

Get fit again thanks to BTC-Colostrum

Despite vaccinations, I became seriously ill with Corona. For months I dragged myself through everyday life, had no energy, was constantly tired and my motivation was at rock bottom! Thanks to the colostrum capsules from Be The Change, I was able to regain my energy. Today, colostrum is part of my daily routine.

Otto Niestreu
life quality

Have less pain after three weeks

Thomas Koehler

Everything arrived quickly and well packaged! Perfect, thank you very much!

Patrick Lacher

Top product
Never been sick for 6 years.
Thanks Sven and team, simply great😊

Top product for the whole year

I have been taking colostrum for over 10 years and have never been really sick since. Colostrum helps me to strengthen my immune system effectively.

Gian-Andri Baumann

Colostrum becomes my daily companion, especially in winter. It helps me stay healthy and strengthens my immune system in a natural way. I am also a big fan of the refill pack, which can be easily composted after use. Good system!

Michael Zotl
Long-term satisfaction

I have been using the product for over 10 years now and am very satisfied: better immune system, increased well-being. If I do get sick, I can get back to training much quicker. My recovery time after training is also much shorter. Clear recommendation!!!
My sports: MTB Marathon, Triathlon