Founder & Product Developer
Sven Altorfer

Our food is our means of life. Nature offers us a variety of ingredients that are good for us, enjoyable and that grow regeneratively with the right care. My passion for food began with my training as a chef. This was followed by hotel management school as well as training and further education in various food areas, biochemistry and food technology. I implement the vision of healthy nutrition with a focus on our intestinal health, with sustainable solutions in our collaboration with agriculture, in production and for food packaging, every day with my company Swiss Health & Nutrition and the brand BE THE CHANGE.

“To live is to act.”

Founder & Head of Communications
Barbara Stolba

I like to get to the bottom of the complexity of nature and us humans as part of it. Journalism in research has trained me to research topics comprehensively and to classify facts in a sound manner. Understanding connections allows me to see where we need to take new paths to solve challenges we face every day. Our food has a major influence on our health and our environment throughout our lives. With our company Swiss Health & Nutrition and the brand BE THE CHANGE, I work to promote the healthy and regenerative cycle of our food.

“The essence of life lies in the movement that propagates it.”

Agriculture project manager
Andrea Tobler

As a federally qualified farmer HFP, I managed our 40 hectare family farm in the Buchen Wolfhalden mountain area for 30 years. Agriculture, working with animals and people in nature, is my expertise. As the former president of the cantonal rural women's association of the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, I draw on a further wealth of experience with profound achievements for the rural population. I bear operational responsibility for our subsidiary SWISS WOW COW, which supplies valuable raw materials for our BE THE CHANGE products.

"Working with nature is a privilege for me. Among the animals
and in the circle of life I am at home."

Project manager process management
Melanie Metzger

I began my professional career as a federal Business clerk. As a movement person in both a sporting and figurative sense, this was just the starting point of my professional development. Stations led to further training in customs and becoming a qualified purchasing manager. As a part-time job, I also completed training to become a qualified classical masseuse. As an aspiring process specialist with a federal certificate, I will gradually take over project management in process management at Swiss Health & Nutrition AG and its brand BE THE CHANGE. I am convinced that life is constantly changing. Structure ensures quality.

"Life is like riding a bike. To keep your balance, you have to keep moving."

Editor & Project Manager IT
Elijah Diehl

As a journalist, I get to the bottom of things. I like to report on life and find creative words to convey even complex things in a joyful way. I respond to changes and challenges in my life in a sporty way, not least of which is my experience as a federal... qualified sports teacher gave a lot of advice along the way. I like to surround myself with diversity, sometimes take unconventional paths and see the big picture. Nevertheless, I pursue the little things that complete the picture. This is how I bring structure and logic into texts, but also into systems. I also implement this thoroughness in the IT area at Swiss Health & Nutrition and its brand BE THE CHANGE.

"Life is a process. Process is also failure - until it isn't anymore. But you have to try, again and again. Never give up. Once you give up, it becomes a habit."