About Us

We produce food, nutritional supplements and sports nutrition that contribute to long-term health and well-being and support and simplify daily nutrition. Each product is tailored to human biochemistry and is therefore highly bioavailable, which enables optimal absorption of the active ingredients into the body. We ensure the quality of the products by giving equal weight to each step in the production process. We demonstrate our quality transparently using certificates . Our BE THE CHANGE logo symbolizes the sustainable regenerative cycle of our products on human health and that of the environment.


Taten sind besser.


Actions are better.

As an organic-certified production company, we measure ourselves by our actions and their impact. BE THE CHANGE is our mission statement. By breaking new ground, we bring about changes that contribute to a regenerative cycle in food processing.

Wir beginnen bei der einzelnen Zutat.


We start with the individual ingredient.

We produce Swiss made. This means, among other things, that we almost exclusively use local, high-quality ingredients. This means we have short transport routes to and from our farmers, thus ensuring the quality of the food. We implement our own projects to promote regenerative and organic farming and have introduced far-reaching parameters for sustainable animal welfare. In the process, new sources of food are created and we breathe new life into familiar ones.

Gehaltvolles und Gesundes.


Nutritious and healthy.

We completely avoid artificial preservatives, colors, flavors or additives. We only use high-quality and nutritious ingredients, whenever possible from organic Swiss agriculture. A few ingredients confirm the exception, such as cocoa. Because we love it too much to do without it.

Schonend und innovativ erhalten.


Preserved carefully and innovatively.

Heating and processing largely destroy the active ingredients of natural raw materials and ingredients. In technical jargon this is called denaturation. In order to preserve vitamins, minerals, fiber and all other ingredients in our natural food that are important to us as humans, we avoid unnecessary processes and use environmentally and product-friendly technologies. This is how we take care of our ingredients and preserve their active ingredients without compromise. Among other things, we use filter technology to be able to process liquids cold and at the same time produce a highly pure, antiseptic product.

Für den nachhaltigen Wandel.


For sustainable change.

Our world is a living complex, an ecosystem of diverse, wondrous life. We see people as part of this life and recognize the opportunity we have to contribute to the regeneration and preservation of our environment. People of all origins and working environments, of all backgrounds and ages work on our products. We pay the prices to our partners and suppliers that they need in order to pay fair wages, produce good quality and be able to work innovatively. They are doing pioneering work and are an important part of BE THE CHANGE.

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Nachhaltig verpackt.


Sustainably packaged.

We give every step in food production equal weight. What is important is not only how ingredients are created, but also how they are packaged as the end product.
to protect them from light and other external influences. Each of our inconspicuous packaging offers the best protection for the best food quality. Our new packaging solutions not only relieve the burden on the environment, but also fit into the natural cycle of raw materials. For example, all of our product bags, as well as our drinking bottles and shakers, are already biodegradable. The other packaging is all made from pure, easy-to-recycle materials such as glass, paper and cardboard. This means there is no waste. The journey is far from over for us: our latest cardboard packaging is “Cradle to Cradle” certified and Swiss made.

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