In harmony with people and nature.

Our diet is the basis of our health and influences our environment.

Our sustainable commitment.

Our earth is home to wondrous and beautiful life, we humans are a part of it. The regenerative agriculture that we promote allows the soil and nature to recover. With our own innovative projects, such as our Swiss Wow Cow, we also generate our own food sources that set new sustainable standards internationally. For us, sustainability means that our food is healthy and nutritious in the long term and that we not only preserve nature, but also regenerate it. This requires new paths, which are paved step by step in collaboration with farmers in long-term partnerships. From oatmeal to biodegradable packaging – the cycle of resources ensures the natural and healthy circle of life.

The human being.

Our food is our sustenance, enjoyment and the basis of our health. If we are not self-sufficient and get our food from our own garden and farm, other people are involved in all the food we buy. Our appreciation also flows through the payment of fair wages and prices to all our contributing employees, experts and partners. People of all ages, backgrounds and working environments work on every Be the change product. The integration and collaboration of different people for our quality product is an enrichment in every respect.

Swiss made.

We produce entirely in Switzerland. The geographical proximity allows us to maintain personal partnerships with suppliers and work locally on our own agricultural projects. The distances to our production and factory are just a few kilometers short, which is environmentally friendly and ensures complete quality assurance and transparency. All our products are Swiss made. They meet all the criteria of the Swissness Ordinance of the Swiss Confederation. Our ingredients therefore come from Switzerland, in our case wherever possible directly from our agricultural partners or from Swiss suppliers. We only import individual ingredients that are not found here. Cocoa, for example, because we love it too much to do without it. We also give our packaging full attention. Practically all of our packaging, as well as our cradle to cradle packaging boxes, are Swiss made.

The animal.

Animals, from earthworms to insects to sheep and cows, play an important role in regenerative agriculture. They are part of the regeneration process of our earth, air and environment. Biodiversity is a fragile, living complex in which our agriculture - if operated regeneratively and carefully - can also play a positive role, even a central one in the future. We are actively committed to organic and species-appropriate animal husbandry, which, among other things, ensures access to pastures and the use of local and species-appropriate feed for the animals. Through our SWISS WOW COW project, we know the name of every single mother animal that contributes valuable ingredients to our products. The species-appropriate life, the loving care and care, as well as the dignity of every living being are our focus.

The cycle of things.

When it comes to food, the challenge is to package it in a food-safe and environmentally friendly way. A large proportion of food packaging is burned or ends up in the environment, where it causes great damage to the ecosystem over a very long period of time. Conventional packaging is often laboriously manufactured from finite raw materials and even newer types of packaging are usually only partially sustainable. The cycle also begins with the raw materials. Be the change does not use raw materials from food for packaging. So no corn, for example, which is a staple food for people in the countries of origin. If corn is used in the packaging industry or for bioplastics, corn becomes unaffordable for many people. Wherever possible, we use raw materials that are unused, such as sugar cane fibers, which are not part of the food chain for any animal. We haven't mastered all the challenges yet, so we're still researching a replacement for a fine aluminum alloy for the spread sticks. Then the sticks are also biodegradable and if they were to end up in nature, the individual raw materials would decompose and go back into the earth. We will continue to innovate so as not to produce any waste and to work equally sustainably in the extraction and production of our packaging.