B2B - Instructions and frequently asked questions

In the website menu under Shop > B2B (or Pharmacy, Doctors & Clinics) and in the website footer under Login for B2B - Producer to Trade (or login for Pharmacy, Doctors & Clinics) or with the direct link bethechange.swiss/b2b

You continue to use your registered email address. This will be yours
When you log in via the B2B login, you will be sent a 6-digit code
Use as a one-time password.

Unfortunately no. Your B2B conditions are linked to your B2B company account and can therefore only be accessed via the B2B login.

If you logged in using the B2B login, the first thing you will do is land automatically
on your B2B customer profile. You can do this at any time (when logged in) via the website menu
under Shop > B2B.

All your orders will be saved in the new B2B customer profile. Orders that were placed before the system change can be found in your old customer account. After logging in with the B2B login, you can access it by clicking on the silhouette symbol ( 👤 ) or Click Account.

Your payment terms, e.g. 15 days net or advance payment, can be found in your B2B customer profile in the payment methods section.

Yes, you can add and save credit cards and debit cards (new generation) in your B2B customer profile under payment methods. Alternatively, you can save this in your B2B customer account during checkout / cash register.

Yes, you can replace your default shipping address with a different shipping address during checkout/checkout. This will not be saved in your profile. If you permanently have a new delivery address or an additional delivery address, write to us at office@bethechange.swiss and we will store this in your B2B customer account.

You cannot change your billing address yourself for legal and technical reasons. To change the billing address, send an email to office@bethechange.swiss and we will change it for you in the system.

If the prices in the online shop are not displayed according to your B2B conditions, this can have two reasons:
- You are not logged in. Go to B2B login and log in ( bethechange.swiss/b2b ).
- You did not log in with the B2B login, but with your personal, classic customer account. Log out and log in via B2B access ( bethechange.swiss/b2b ).

After you have placed your order, you will receive an email from us within a few minutes with your invoice. On this you will find your payment terms (e.g. 15 days net) and the banking information of Swiss Health & Nutrition AG.