Vow! These promises, faces and stories are behind BE THE CHANGE

Vow! Diese Versprechen, Gesichter und Geschichten stecken hinter BE THE CHANGE

Inside BE THE CHANGE Our packaging partner Voegeli AG has portrayed sustainable Swiss companies in its latest magazine “VOW” that are breaking new ground and providing solutions for our environment – ​​also BE THE CHANGE. In addition, the founding duo Sven Altorfer and Barbara Stolba chat from the inside out in an interview and provide detailed and personal insights.

BE THE CHANGE stands for sustainability and the health of people and the environment like no other Swiss food manufacturer. With attention to detail, we take new, sustainable and regenerative paths - whether in raw materials, production or packaging .

In addition to tireless dedication and innovation, these paths also require creative and sustainable partners. BE THE CHANGE has one of these at its side with the printing and packaging specialist Voegeli AG . The Emmental family business is a pioneer in sustainability and circular economy and the world's first printing company with “Cradle to Cradle Certified™ GOLD status”.

Innovation and quality for the benefit of people and the environment – ​​this promise is what unites us. In its latest magazine “ VOW ”, Vogeli AG portrayed sustainable Swiss companies – including us.

In it you will find out how BE THE CHANGE came from being a one-man production company, what personal stories lie behind the work and vision, why colostrum is at the beginning and at the center and how our young company became the most sustainable food manufacturer in Switzerland.

In an interview, the founding duo Sven and Barbara also reveal what a “special kind of food” is, why our zero waste concept is essential and why not only love, but also our health goes through our stomachs.

By the way, VOW is a sophisticated English word game and has two meanings:
💡Spoken “Wow!” it stands for amazement & joy
💡Spelled “Vow” it means promise

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