Laktoseintoleranz: Warum Sie unsere Shakes trotz Molke-Proteine bestens vertragen?

Lactose intolerance: Why do you tolerate our shakes well despite the whey proteins?

Aha! SIMPLE FACTS Proteins are essential for us humans. Athletes and physically active people in particular have an increased need for regeneration or muscle building. Our multi-protein shakes, for example, can help here. You can find out here why these are compatible with people with lactose intolerance despite the milk and whey protein isolates.

Our body is demanding when it comes to nutrition - it doesn't just need energy, but many different nutrients to function and be healthy. It cannot synthesize a large number of these nutrients itself - they are essential - such as almost all vitamins or even half of the amino acids. That's why we eat.

Our body has specific needs - proteins are also essential for it because they are made of amino acids. There are more than 100,000 proteins in our body. We need them, for example, for the formation, repair or regeneration of cells, tissues or muscles. For athletes or people with high physical strain, they play a particularly important role in regeneration or muscle building. ( More on this in our Academy article “ The optimal protein requirement for athletes )

If there is such an increased need, we can specifically supplement the intake with shakes such as the Multi Protein Shake Royal Vanilla or the Regeneration Shake Swiss Chocolate Crunch . Animal proteins are particularly suitable because they often contain more essential amino acids and a higher biological value than plant proteins. ( More on this in the Academy article “ Animal versus plant proteins )

Unfortunately, our bodies are sometimes limited - for example when a person suffers from lactose intolerance. ( see box at the end of the article ) But this does not mean that you have to do without our high-quality and delicious shakes - despite the milk and whey protein isolates: Both Multi Protein Shake and Regeneration Shake are enriched with natural lactase, the lactose they contain « neutralize". Lactose intolerant people can therefore consume these without worry or symptoms. And best of all: The lactase is even enough to mix the shakes with the best organic whole milk.

What is lactose intolerance?
If you are lactose intolerant, your body finds it difficult or impossible to digest milk sugar from dairy products (lactose) because it lacks the enzyme “lactase” required for the digestive process or it is present in too small quantities in the intestine. Lactase is normally produced independently by our body and breaks down the amount of milk sugar (lactose) in the intestine.
If a person with lactose intolerance consumes a product containing lactose, there will be more lactose in the intestine than the available lactase can break down. Then the remaining lactose is transported unprocessed into the large intestine. There, the so-called fermentation process of lactose then causes gas formation and other breakdown products, which lead to the typical symptoms of lactose intolerance. Diarrhea, flatulence, a feeling of fullness and stomach pain are often the result. Some people even vomit or are constipated.

A notice:

There are differences in lactose intolerance. Affected individuals are advised to seek advice from a specialist regarding how lactase works in their diet. You can also find more information in our Academy article “ Lactose Intolerance – Myths, Facts & Answers ”.

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