Protein Crisps: Why the Regeneration Shake doesn't belong in the blender

Protein Crisps: Warum der Regeneration Shake nicht in den Mixer gehört

Aha! DOS & DON'TS“Chewed well is half digested” – that's the well-known motto. But have you ever chewed liquid? Hardly, with the exception of our regeneration shake. Why the principle is nutritionally correct and what protein crisps are all about.

The name Regeneration Shake actually says it all: the drink should be shaken and not in the blender. Maybe it's the chocolatey color or creamy consistency of the delicious protein drink that tempts you to do so.

The reason why the drink definitely belongs in the shaker cup is presented in the second part of the name: Swiss Chocolate Crunch . The crunch refers to the protein crisps, which at first glance seem simply delicious.

But there is finesse behind it and a nutritional and biochemical purpose: Digestion - and thus the start of our nutrient absorption - does not begin in the stomach, as is commonly assumed, but in the mouth. The main player is our saliva.

Inset: Yes, mommy and daddy were and are right when they say we should chew slower and longer.

Chewing and salivating are the key to effective absorption of valuable nutrients. The digestive enzymes (amylases) contained in saliva already break down carbohydrates. The motto “Well chewed is half digested” is therefore true.

But have you ever chewed liquid ? Of course not, that's why you have to drink. This is where the far-sighted and sophisticated composition of our regeneration shake presents itself: to counteract the urge to swallow quickly - especially after sport or physical exertion - the drink contains protein crisps. By chewing this delicious, crunchy ingredient for a short time, all nutrients are sufficiently salivated and the regeneration shake effectively fulfills its function.

As a bonus, there is an extended taste explosion of the finest Swiss chocolate - an absolute win-win situation. Remember the following new principle: “Use the shaker instead of the mixer – then your regeneration will be quicker!”

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