Reuse. Recycle. Biodegrade.

Be part of the solution with our consistent sustainability concept.

Our products are carefully thought out down to the last detail and are lovingly sustainable, and they are carefully packaged. When it comes to food, the challenge is to package it in a way that is both food-safe and environmentally friendly. Our packaging is all biodegradable* or reusable before recycling.


  • Our food-safe stand-up and refill bags
  • Our drinking bottles
  • Our tissue paper

Reusable and recyclable

  • Our Miron glasses
  • Our tin cans
  • Our FSC-certified boxes (80% already recycled pulp and 20% wood from responsible forestry)

Our biodegradable packaging*

Our stand-up pouch is biodegradable and therefore exemplary ecological. We use the large version for our popular porridge and our powder products, while the small version is used for portions. We also use both for your refills.

In close cooperation with the innovation network Swiss Food Research We have developed a compostable and food-safe stand-up pouch for our BE THE CHANGE products. We also make these groundbreaking bags available to other companies – from small businesses to large industries.

Our tissue paper is also biodegradable. You can reuse it and then put it in a compost or garbage disposal, where it will be returned to the natural cycle.

Our biodegradable* drinking bottle

We are particularly proud of our ecological drinking bottle. It is also biodegradable, even the lid. We are still working on the biodegradability of the mouthpiece.

Our drinking bottle is full of clever details. It has an extra large opening for easier filling. We offer different mouthpieces for different purposes. These can be ordered separately.

Features of our biodegradable* water bottle:

  • Made 100% from sugar cane fibers
  • 100% free from BPA and other harmful substances
  • 100% free of plasticizers
  • 100% free of raw materials from food resources
  • Odorless and tasteless
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ideal for the office, university, sports and leisure

* These materials are biodegradable. If you have your own compost, you can simply compost them there yourself, they become 100% soil. When it comes to public green waste points, things are a little more complicated because the municipalities have different regulations. Because a lot of rubbish ends up in these bins, the rules are strict. Some want to be on the safe side and therefore do not allow biodegradable packaging and green waste bags at all. Find out what applies in your neighborhood.

Our reusable and recyclable Miron glasses.

We chose our Miron glasses and cardboard boxes with reusability in mind. Because before packaging goes into recycling, you can continue to use it for a long time. We use dark, high-quality Miron glass to protect the contents from light (UVA) and other influences. So not only does it look elegant, it also helps to preserve the valuable nutrients.

You can order the lid separately if it doesn't keep up with the long lifespan of the jar. And if you run out of a product, you don't have to order a new glass; you can refill it at any time with our biodegradable refill bag.

Our reusable and recyclable tin cans.

Our tin cans are also practical and almost indestructible. They can be refilled again and again and last for years, if not decades. At the end of their lifespan you can simply put them in the recycling.

So that you always know which BE THE CHANGE product you keep in the tin can:

  • Cut the paper tab at the perforated area.
  • Attach the product description to the front of the can with the small BE THE CHANGE magnet - you can find this in the lid of the tin can.

Our recyclable and FSC certified boxes.

Our FSC certified Cardboard boxes are made from 80% recycled pulp and 20% wood from responsibly managed forests. You can reuse the boxes for different purposes before putting them into their recycling process.

Our sustainable wooden clamps.

When you open one of our bags, you want to be able to close it again safely and easily. We'll give you our beautiful and practical wooden clamp. It is made of Swiss lime wood and is used in the social therapeutic community Rüttihubelbad Foundation Handcrafted carefully and with a lot of commitment.