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Be The Change consistently thinks and develops solutions for the individual in such a way that everyone benefits. With high-quality certified foods, vital substance preparations and sports nutrition, we inspire customers worldwide to sustainably strengthen themselves and their health - for greater well-being, performance and joy of life. Every preparation that we develop and produce in our factory is “Swiss made” and consists exclusively of natural ingredients and raw materials, which we also produce ourselves in Switzerland if possible. A special focus is on colostrum from our own production. At Be The Change we think things differently and take innovative approaches - we are constantly developing ourselves, paying attention to every detail and always keeping an eye on the big picture. Consistent sustainability and zero waste are just as important to us as the value and effectiveness of our products, which is why, for example, all packaging materials are reusable, recyclable or compostable. Everything that comes from Be The Change contributes to positive change - for the individual as well as for society, the environment and the entire planet.

Be The Change is a brand of Swiss Health & Nutrition AG based in St. Gallen (Switzerland). The company is run by the founding couple Sven Altorfer and Barbara Stolba.