Fine energy to spoon
and biting off

Porridge power to enjoy

An easily digestible oat meal with organic Swiss oat flakes and Swiss milk protein.

Variants: Berries, Dates & Figs and Swiss Chocolate Cacao Nibs

Fine to bite into

Compact protein bars, packed with the finest natural organic ingredients. Nourish with a deep glycemic response.

Almond Crunch or Raspberry Sparkle - the choice is yours!

Finding my favorite flavor

A medium pack of each type of porridge and three bars each of Almond Crunch and Raspberry Sparkle to get to know each other.

“Of course, for me my breakfast is primarily about the nutrients, but I also eat the BE THE CHANGE porridge because it simply tastes fantastic.”

Philipp Degen - entrepreneur and ex-professional footballer

«My partner Sven scouts every single ingredient for our Swiss Smart Food products himself until everything is just right. In the meantime, I sometimes start to grow a few gray hairs. But the result was worth it."

Barbara, co-founder of BE THE CHANGE

Complete with Swiss Sports products

Endurance Drink Swiss Apple Alpine Mint

Multi Protein Royal Milk Tea

Regeneration Shake Swiss Chocolate Crunch