When it comes to sustainability in the food industry, there is no question why we need to act. The challenge is how. Our food is our basis of life and, fortunately, much more than that. In all cultures around the world, fresh ingredients are prepared into colorful and delicious menus that are a feast for the eyes and taste buds. In the world's old and traditional kitchens, a lot of knowledge about pleasurable health promotion is often incorporated into the dishes and social life often takes place around set tables.

When it comes to the sustainability and availability of our food, stand
we all have a responsibility. The imbalance in ecology, economy and social issues
has serious consequences, especially when it comes to food as a basis for life. Some live in abundance, while others are denied food, also for reasons of distribution and agricultural challenges. We are convinced that if we take the right steps on a small scale, we can get the ball rolling that will grow into sustainable change on a large scale.

Just as life on this earth is a vibrant and complex ecosystem, the issue of food is also a complex one. We are convinced that new approaches in agriculture and food production, in the packaging industry and logistics, lead to a healthy and regenerative cycle for all of our food.

We are breaking new ground in all dimensions of food production:

We start with the individual ingredient.

We produce Swiss made. It means that
We almost exclusively use local ingredients, often from the farm. This means we have short transport routes and ensure quality. We implement our own projects to promote regenerative and organic agriculture, as well as sustainable animal welfare. This creates new sources of food or gives new life to well-known things. We network with experts and specialists from agriculture, food technology, the packaging industry, science and medicine in order to explore new, innovative paths together.

We make healthy products.

We completely avoid any artificial preservatives, colors or additives. We use high-quality and rich ingredients, whenever possible, from organic Swiss agriculture. A few ingredients confirm the exception, such as cocoa. Because we just love it too much to do without it. The products are tailored based on human biochemistry to enhance human well-being in the short and long term.

Gentle and innovative processing.

We use the latest technologies to protect the ingredients and the environment. Among other things, a filter technology to be able to process liquid cold and at the same time produce a highly pure, antiseptic product. The patented Swiss micellar technology also enables new things. This allows vitamins and active ingredients that were previously poorly absorbed by the body to be absorbed by our body in a highly bioavailable manner.

We go all the way.

Not only what is in the products, but also how they are packaged is important to us. New packaging solutions not only relieve the burden on the environment, but also fit into the natural cycle of raw materials. For example, all of our product bags, as well as our drinking bottles and shakers, are already biodegradable. However, the journey is far from over for us. Our latest cardboard packaging is Cradle to Cradle certified and Swiss made. Our products should not come at the expense of people, animals or nature. We pay our partners and suppliers the prices they need in order to produce good quality and be able to work innovatively. With our team we work with a strong and innovative production network made up of people of all backgrounds, ages and working environments.