Stopp Plastikabfall! Umweltschonende Verpackungen – jedes Detail zählt

Stop plastic waste! Environmentally friendly packaging – every detail counts

Aha! SIMPLE FACTS According to an OECD report, 22 million tons of plastic waste end up in nature every year, and the value could double by 2060 - if nothing happens. Sustainable food packaging is needed – the challenges are diverse. We at BE THE CHANGE have mastered it and are making a statement with our new, sustainable “Zero Waste” packaging.

The OECD recently stated in a report that 22,000,000 tons of plastic waste end up in nature every year. If nothing happens, the value will double by 2060. Plastic pollution is a serious global problem. “The consumer goods companies, which account for around 40 percent of global plastic consumption, are particularly pilloried,” the NZZ recently wrote in “Nestlé and plastic waste: Why is the food giant suddenly fighting for environmental protection?” .

As complex as the challenges are, so diverse are the solutions

The packaging primarily serves to protect the food. The quality of a food must be guaranteed from production to store shelf to consumption - also by law. The challenges in producing sustainable food packaging are correspondingly numerous: from the cultivation of raw materials to processing and disposal of the packaging.

However, the responsibility does not end with the manufacturer. Disposal, infrastructure and consumer cooperation are equally important factors. With our constantly evolving zero waste concept, we at BE THE CHANGE have set an exclamation mark.

Small but aha!

In the new journal section “Aha!”, today I’m introducing you to the first extraordinary component of our new packaging:

We have now added a resealable zip fastener to the bags. This is not only a guarantee of freshness and quality, but is also certified biodegradable like the rest of the packaging. Yes, you read that right: The entire bag, including the zip fastener, can be cut up at home after use and mixed into the compost or put into the municipal waste disposal.

But not only that, we are also taking new (detours) in the materials used and the production of these bags: no raw materials from food sources for humans or animals, such as corn, are used. BE THE CHANGE packaging is upcycled exclusively from renewable organic waste, such as from wood processing.

We use these resealable bags as product bags for our delicious organic porridges , for sports products and as refill bags for vital substance products .

BE THE CHANGE stands for quality with dedication. For people and the environment.

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