BE THE CHANGE – be Zero Waste

BE THE CHANGE im neuen Kleid: Das neue Zero Waste Verpackungskonzept

CORPORATE NEWS With our young St. Gallen production company Swiss Health & Nutrition AG and the BE THE CHANGE® brand, we are pioneers for sustainably produced food and vital substance preparations. Now we present our zero waste packaging solution.

The negative footprint of food has not only been a global challenge since fast food. Food wastes resources and leaves behind mountains of waste, until now . We manufacture our products - from the ingredients to the packaging - with new, trend-setting parameters: Every BE THE CHANGE brand product is part of a regenerative cycle. In this way, we are laying the foundation for sustainable change in the food and nutritional supplements industry.

Zero waste becomes a matter of course

Reaching for breakfast muesli, the need for nutritional supplements or a sports drink – sustainability begins with the choice of food and ends with the health of people and the environment. This also includes sustainable packaging solutions. With the packaging concept launched today, we are setting another exclamation mark: The packaging is carefully made from renewable raw materials and not only leaves no waste, but is also part of a regenerative cycle.

Sven Altorfer, founder & CEO of Swiss Health & Nutrition AG

Swiss upcycling and innovation

With BE THE CHANGE we implement a completely recyclable and compostable packaging solution for all products. The bags are certified compostable. The cardboard is cradle to cradle certified and therefore 100% cycleable, including colors. This is in contrast to conventional cardboard packaging, where up to 30% unusable slag remains in the recycling process. The Miron glass used is both durable and refillable and can be recycled with brown glass. We are also breaking new ground when it comes to the materials used and the production of the packaging: no raw materials from food sources for humans or animals, such as corn, are used. BE THE CHANGE packaging is upcycled exclusively from renewable organic waste.

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