A world first! SWISS MICELLE® drops from BE THE CHANGE

Our brand spanking new SWISS MICELLE® drops are guaranteed to do your body good. The patented Swiss techniology ensures that you get what you need in the most natural way.

Highest Bioavailability

There’s no escaping it: a functioning immune system is at the very crux of our physical and mental health, a key player that needs customized support, these days more than ever. But support is only worth its salt if it reaches those areas where it’s most needed.

Our micelle technology—patented in Switzerland—provides natural bioavailability of over 90%. That means it takes but a small amount to produce the desired effect, since your body rapidly and effectively absorbs the key ingredients.

What are micelles and what’ll they do for me?

Micelles are tiny molecular vesicles that, because they’re ampiphilic, can bond with both water and fat. They therefore make ideal transporters for nutrients in the body: The molecules envelop fat-soluble nutrients and whisk them through gastric acid practically unscathed, then carry them across the intestinal membrane into the blood.

Mizelle Einfache Lipidschicht
Simple lipid layer: Micelle. (Image: Pixabay)

It’s the micelle technology in SWISS MICELLE® that allows us to attain the highest possible bioavailability. Take curcumin or curcuma longa, which is widely known for its health benefits and its poor absorption. Our liquid curcuma longa is up to 185 times better absorbed than conventional capsules, meaning we’ve solved the problem of poor absorption and water solubility once and for all.

SWISS MICELLE® drops are purely natural. Micelles are present in nature; they’re inherent to the evolutionary process. Researchers say these tiny dynamos are responsible for the formation of primordial cells and thus life itself.

What does ‘bioavailability’ mean, anyway?

When we talk about bioavailability, what we mean is how healthful nutrients – such as vitamins, minerals and proteins –are taken up in the digestive tract and enter the blood stream. Testing bioavailability means testing the amount of nutrients that make it into the blood after how much time. The more nutrient, the better the bioavailability.

Bioavailability is given in a percentage. A value of 100% means that our body can perfectly absorb the nutrient.

Substances that are absorbed intravenously—such as certain medications given by infusion— have by definition a bioavailability of 100%.

Recall that SWISS MICELLE® drops attain a bioavailability of 90%; truly a robust addition to your health arsenal

Why bioavailability is important

When we take supplements, we only do so in the hope they’ll actually have the intended effects; this can only be guaranteed with a high bioavailability.

The good active ingredients in powders, pills, and food itself are of little value to us if they’re not particularly bioavailable. This means it’s essential, when reading product labels, to also pay attention to the bioavailability of the ingredients. It’s only then that we can be sure we’re getting the most effective product.

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