Kolostrum und nützliche Wachstumsfaktoren – und warum das nichts mit Geschlechtshormonen zu tun hat

Colostrum and beneficial growth factors – and why this has nothing to do with sex hormones

Aha! The potent miracle of nature, colostrum, is rich in valuable ingredients: antibodies, vitamins, proteins & peptides. The latter also include useful natural growth factors. These are sometimes incorrectly declared as male and female.

What is colostrum?

Colostrum is the first substance that is given to a newborn after pregnancy by a mammal, such as a woman or a cow. It is produced by the female mammary glands and contains concentrated and versatile and immune-boosting ingredients in the form of antibodies (e.g. Immunoglobulin G) , proteins, vitamins, amino acids and many other valuable ingredients that are intended to strengthen the new living being and its immune system in the first days after birth.

Among these healthy nutrients is IGF-1.

What is IGF-1?

IGF - 1 is an insulin-like growth factor-1 that promotes muscle growth and can support tissue regeneration. It can , for example , help with intestinal regeneration.

IGF-1 and competitive sports?

Several scientific studies and recognized scientists have researched the topic of IGF-1, colostrum and doping. The conclusion: Colostrum does not pose a doping risk . In addition, there are countless proven positive effects of colostrum on health, especially for female athletes. The high amounts of immune-boosting ingredients, which can support the repair of microtrauma and promote muscle regeneration and growth , are crucial for athletes who need to recover quickly after intense training.

Growth factors have no gender

We now know that colostrum contains natural growth factors. However, these are not male or female. They are proteins and peptides that can promote the growth and regeneration of cells without containing specific gender-specific hormones.

Some manufacturers claim that their products contain both male and female sex hormones, which can lead to uncertainty about taking them.


It is important to understand that the presence of specific male or female hormones is not necessary for the intestinal regenerative effect of colostrum . The regenerative properties of colostrum are mainly due to the growth factors it contains, not to gender-specific hormones.

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